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ASW 9/9/05

Julius struggled under the weight of the three enormous bags as he staggered after Liz through the airport. when she finally stopped at the check-in counter he heaved a huge sigh of relief and dropped the luggage with a thunder and slumped to the floor. she giggled and finished checking in before helping him load the bags onto the belt.

"Well, this is it." she said.

"yeah," he said. "I'm gonna miss you, Liz."

"Oh, it's only until Christmas," she said. "those four months are gonna breeze by before you know it."

"yeah, for you. you get to go study in Paris."

"i'll write to you all the time and i'll call you when i can. you know i'll never leave you hanging."

"i guess so."

she checked her watch. "tell you what," she said, "we'll work out an exchange. every tuesday we'll exchange pictures. send me dirty pictures of you doing things to make me wish i was home. email me dirty pictures of you with my name in marker everywhere,"

"i get crazy thinking about your eyes when you cry... i miss you all wrong, i'm sorry."

"you know, every time i think i might have figured you out, you say something like that."

"i'm sorry."

"you better be. i'll never forgive you for making me love you like this."

she kissed him and then made a dash for the security gate. after she was lost in the crowd, he made is way back to the car.
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