Diseasemocker's Crepe (baronmind) wrote in mondaymicrofic,
Diseasemocker's Crepe

Monday Microfic #52

ASW March 24, 2006

He scrambled away, crabwise across the ground, as she advanced. "Why?" he pleaded. "What do you want? What should I have done differently?"

"Should have!" she sneered, stalking him. "Your life is a series of should haves. Should have made more friends. Should have taken more risks. Should have played hooky. Should have gone skinny dipping! Should have asked Maureen to the forest prom!"

She was shouting now, brandishing the gun. His hands encountered a wall behind him, stopping his panicked progress. "What?" he begged, still not understanding. "Who is--"

She shot him once, then glared at the body in disgust before turning away. "Should have remembered," she muttered, and left.
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